If you've ever watched James Bond 007, you'll know all about this. A secret agent's most important piece of equipment is his gadgets. From Laser Pens to Amphibious Cars, if a secret agent doesn't have gadgets, then he might as well be called a normal person. 

Below are some of the many essential gadgets a secret agent must have:

1. Notepad and pen:

This is to record information and write things. It is advisable that you get a notepad that can fit in your pocket, as it's more conveniant.

2. Camera:

This is a veeerrryyy useful gadget. You can use it to take pictures of your enemies, evidence etc. It is best if you get a camera that's disguised as something else, such as a pen. DickSmith Electronics in Australia sell cameras disguised in a real working pen for $138 A.U.D.

3.Tracking Device:

This is a stick about the size of a strip of bubblegum. You can use it in a car to track your enemies. It is compatible with a USB.


And I mean GOOD CONDITION: you don't want to go on a mission and can't start your car. A car is useful and I'm not going to go in detail because who knows how many things a car can do! The IAC allows sercet agents to modify cars. That means add weapons, gadgets, make them fly etc.

5. A Bug:

If you don't have this on a mission for information, then you are going to be BUSTED! A Bug is a device with a microphone. When it is put (secretly) into an enemies room, it can transmit the voices to you, allowing you to listen to their conversation. It is best if it is (again) disguised as something else.

6. Computer:

 If you want to be a successful secret agent, you HAVE TO have a computer, preferably a laptop so you can take it around. A computer will give you access to many things, including hacking software, internet, programs etc.

7. Mobile Phone:

Obviously, a mobile phone would let you communicate with others. Need I say more? I prefer a BlackBerry because they were made by the American Defense Force, therefore very secure.

A typical notepad and pen. Cost: A few dollars

 A 4GB PenCam. 2GB PenCams are gold.      (manufacturer: Swann) Cost: $138

 Here's a bug complete with a Transmitter and Receiver, but I don't know how much they cost.

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