Disguises are probrably more important than gadgets. Wouldn't you rather be safely undercover, than get caught with dangerous gadgets? Well it's essential you have both. Here are (again) some disguises you would like to get. (sorry, but I don't really know that much about disguises.)

(Note: A lot of people think a fake moustache is necessary, but that's absolutely rubbish, because a good spy can immediately see that it's fake.)

1. Hat:

This covers your hair, and if you wear it low enough, it can even cover your eyes from your enemy. A must-have.

2. Suit:

A normal suit will do, but one with hidden pockets is better. You can sew them on yourself.

3. Sunglasses:

These disguise your eyes which can be a dead give-away.


I don't mean any mask. These masks are especially made to look real, and match someone elses face, especially enemy faces, so you'll have no trouble getting past the face recognition in enemy HQ.


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